June 7th, 2007
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Although I am usually fairly faithful in keeping up with comments, I found a buried request recently for information about searching in Washington State. Washington State does have the confidential intermediary system. My son found me through the agency in Washington that handled his adoption. It took them nine months to find me as I had moved several times over the years. There were also several name changes as well due to marriage and divorce.

Using confidential intermediaries has its pros and cons, like any search method. However, in some states with sealed records, it may be your best chance for locate your birth parent or child.


Some adoption agencies in the state will do searches for adoptees. The fees can be fairly high. I am not certain if they also do them for birth parents. However, if your adoption or your child’s was through an agency contact them first to see what they do offer. If the adoption was not through an agency, check with the state itself to determine what means they have available to reconnect.

This link provides the information for Washington state searching in the E-book on Adoption Search and Reunion that I wrote for adoption.com. One of the best resources for searching in the state is through Washington Adoption Reunion Movement(“WARM.”) They can help provide you with information or they have confidential intermediaries who do searches as well.

WARM has support groups and a variety of resources available. Washington State does allow birth parents to obtain a copy of the original birth certificate. WARM instructed me on how to go about obtaining a copy after reunion. What I received was an uncertified copy of my son’s original birth certificate. Until reunion, I would not have been able to have gotten it, because I did not have enough information to do so.

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  1. pennu says:

    Hi Jan!
    Just also wanted to let you and other readers know that we have a great Yahoo group that helps with adoption search and reunions. We focus on helping with WA, OR, ID, etc. All people need to join is a free Yahoo email account.

    The name of the group is “Northwest Adoption Search & Reunion” and the URL is http://groups.yahoo.com/group/nwasr.

    It’s important for people with a WA state adoption to know they don’t HAVE to hire a CI to search. You can get non-identifying information without hiring anyone. Unfortunately, there are a lot of counties and some agencies that still give out mis-information saying you have to hire a CI if you want any info and to search but that’s not accurate.

    -Pennu in WA

  2. Jan Baker says:

    Thanks so much for the info – I appreciate it!

  3. insightstyle says:

    Thank you for the info. A great resource for finding state laws and information pertaining to adoption search is [url]http://www.findmybiologicalparents.com[/url]

  4. Jordi i Monica says:

    Hello! We are a family of Spain that we have made several videos on the adoption of second daughter which we want to share with you. Thank you very much! http://es.youtube.com/profile_videos?user=monicaijordi&p=v

  5. bratinbootz says:

    any help or tips in minnesota?? i was born in 1972. thanks.. emmy

  6. tarjacket says:

    Any help for adoptee born in Memphis in 1962 to birthmom from Texas? Adoption was finalized in Puerto Rico in 1963 making locating records difficult. Adoption was private and I have no birthparent names. Would appreciate any help.


  7. ilovethem says:

    I am 20 years old and I am search for my 4 siblings who were taking by the state from our biological mother years ago! I to was taking away and I have recently found out about them…There names have changed from the lising below but hopefuly someone out there knows something…I have already located five out of the ten living siblings….

    David Smith
    Born March 15, 1994

    Ieshaka Denise Smith
    April 3rd 1995

    Tywanna Smith
    March 20th, 1997

    Michael L. Smith
    May 24th, 1998

    If you live in the detroit metro area and you know them please let me know!!!! If you know of someone who has been adopted please let me know!!! this is a really hard situation! please Ask there familes to contact me!

  8. Duane Roberts says:

    Jan or anyone else from the Northwest or even moreso the state of Washington,

    I am in search of My son that was adopted within days of His birth. his Mother put Him up for adoption and I was never notified. which in essence means I never gave up My Parental Rights to My Son. I am in need of help in finding My Son and I can’t afford the costs of these on-line People Search websites that claim to be a free agency. I have some details in regards to My son but thus far nothing. if anyone can help My e-mail addy is GHOSTWALKERll@yahoo.com or My Home number is in My profile


  9. beamer says:

    There is an interesting blog on
    adoptees’ endless searches here:


    Hope this helps explains things regarding
    dead ends.

  10. dawn89 says:

    i was adopted in florida , west plam beach can anyone help?????

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