June 12th, 2012
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No matter where you are in the search and reunion process, it can be difficult to keep your head up and your thoughts positive. The reunion search can be a tiring journey, physically, emotionally, and mentally. And even though you may feel alone right now, you’re not. There are many people out there searching, too. For some it can take just a few hours to find success. For others it takes years, even decades, to find that one person. Because reading success stories from others just like you can help you by giving your hope, motivation, and determination, here are just a few of the many reunion success stories.


“I was informed at about 12pm one day that I had a brother that may have been adopted. By 2pm I began to search and stumbled upon this website. With only a date of birth and birth state to go by, I was able to find a match for my brother and I sent an email. I received a response around 9pm the same day. I cannot imagine the hours of search and heartache involved if this website did not exist. It was amazing how quickly I was able to obtain results and now can continue to build a relationship with my brother. Thank you.” – Eugenia W.

“On March 2, 2011, I received an email from Registry.Adoption.com. I was stunned because I had registered several times over the years and nothing had happened. I knew immediately that it was from the son I gave up for adoption 40 years ago. The day I got the email was the first time he had actually searched for me. We spent days emailing back and forth, asking and answering questions and sharing pictures. On June 23, 2011, my husband and I got to meet him face to face. It was the most wonderful day of my life! He is a great young man and I am so proud of him. I can’t wait to meet my 3 grandbabies and his parents. My family now knows about this and is excited to add him to our family.” – Nancy E.

“I signed up on this site in 2006 and one night something told me to look back on this site now after 5 years of never checking if there was a match. I found my daughter after 45 years! We are both thrilled and happy; it’s been about 3 weeks and we have been emailing and talking. This is something I thought would never happen and it did! My dream came true and that’s what she said too. A happy ending! Thank you so much for offering this site. I want people to know to never give up!” – Sandy A.

“In one short month my whole world is better and wonderful! Thanks, Adoption.com. I found a match on May 5, 2011, after 45 years of wondering where my son was. It’s been a wonderful month of ups and downs, lots of looking back, and feeling pain and joy. We have emailed and talked on the phone, and I introduced him to his bother and sister. My son sounded so nice sweet and gentle, and he had adoptive parents that were nurturing and loving to him. Thank you, God, for providing the best for him when I couldn’t. I know I can’t make up for 45 years of his life, but I think we can enrich each others’ lives.” – Patricia C.

“I’m an adoptee and knew very little about my birth. When I bought my first computer in 1995, I joined Adoption.com and entered the little bit of information I knew. I heard nothing for 7 years, and then out of the blue, I received an email inquiring about my adoption. After countless emails, exchanging information and photos, I was pretty sure I was emailing my half-sister. I have also since found my birthfather. So, in 2002, when I was 40 years old, I went from an only child to having 4 half-sisters and 1 half-brother. Since then, I have visited both of my birthparents and have met all of my siblings and some of my other relatives. It was great finally having the answers after all of these years.” -JoLynn

Successful reunions happen every day! Stay hopeful and happy. Take time to enjoy the journey. While you may not have found your biological family yet, you are learning more about yourself in the process, and that’s a beautiful thing. You never know; your day of reconnection could be today! Keep moving forward and trust yourself throughout this journey.

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