January 18th, 2007
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The Mei (May) magazine is a bi-monthly publication that is wholesome and age appropriate magazine with a special emphasis on issues specific to Chinese adoptees age 7 to 14.

In every issue of Mei, there will be articles on school-related issues, seasonal crafts and health or fitness. Other features will include an advice column dedicated to personal problems and solutions and a forum in which readers will share their feelings and opinions. You’ll also find a reader profile that will highlight a unique girl and her special achievements. Mei is dedicated to instilling pride in our readers by providing information on the People’s Republic of China as well as featuring a role model with the personal and professional successes of a notable Asian-American woman.


The vision of Mei Magazine is twofold: To instill confidence and to create a forum in which “our girls” can share and enjoy their special sisterhood!

The website is located at http://www.meimagazine.com/

Also, Mei also welcomes contributions such as stories, poems, and artwork, from their readers.

The website has a section of favorite articles that includes information on the Year of the Dog, Favorite Role Model: Ping Chen, Favorite Heritage Story, Favorite Advise Column, and Favorite School Tip.

In addition the website has a section titled “Just Having Fun” and this is where you can find sections on Reader Profiles, Friendship Forums, Arts, Crafts, and Recipes, and Health.

The magazine is printed bi-monthly and for 24 issues a USA subscription costs $24, Canadian Subscription add $11.10 for shipping and handling, Australian subscription add $31.80 for shipping and handling, and UK subscription add $28.80 for shipping and handling. You can also subscribe via the website mentioned above.

My favorite part of this website is the testimonials. There are five and they are from readers who have found this magazine to a wonderful resource in their parenting.

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