May 8th, 2012
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Hello, My name is Rita Bradford, I’m 37 years old and was adopted when I was 9 days old. I was born in Nassawadox, VA on January 22,1975. I was adopted by a wonderful family. I’m so very thankful for them. I went from having no one to having a sister and a mom and dad. I’m currently searching for my birth family. I’ve been searching on my own for 14 years now. I’ll get into more of that a little later, and I’ll start from the beginning for now. I’ve often wondered how my birth mother must have felt the whole time she was pregnant with me and even the day she went to the hospital to give birth to me. She must have felt scared, worried, anxious,  and maybe all of this at one time.


I can’t imagine what it’s like to give up a child you have carried for 9 months but I’m thankful for her loving me enough to give me up and giving me a life. I’m praying that I’ll get a chance to tell her thank you in person and let her know I’m not mad at her for giving me up. I had an awesome childhood. Me and my family are very close. If it wasn’t for my mom and my sister I may not have even started searching for my birth family. My mom and I were very close and she passed away 4 years ago. She would always tell me that if something ever happened to her that I better promise her that I won’t ever give up on searching. I’d always tell her, “Mom, you’re always going to be here but yea, I promise.” Needless to say, I made that promise to her on her death bed in the hospital.

I stopped my search for about a year after she passed away but I started thinking about the promise, so I started it back up heavy. I must say God has really opened up some doors on my journey and I’ve learned so much , especially the past 4 years. I’m praying for more doors to open and that I’ll get to have my reunion with my birth family soon. God has placed several people in my life over the past 9 months that have really helped me in my search and I’m very thankful for them and all they are doing. I’m praying for all of you out there that have been adopted and are currently searching for your birth families. Please don’t ever give up. Keep your chin up and keep praying. Doors will open. I’m proof of that.

Thanks, Rita B

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