October 30th, 2006
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Countless numbers of children born in Germany between 1945 and 1985 were placed for adoption. Just like the United States, in many cases German born adoptees and the natural parents are interested in contacting each other.

The first step in locating and contacting your German Natural mother or siblings is to request original German birth documentation. You can do this by writing to the “STANDESAMT” for the city in which you were born in Germany. When you write your letter, you want to provide as much information as possible and request a “copy of your birth entry in the birth book”. In German that is called “beglaubigte Abschrift des Geburtenbucheintrages”.


www.germanbirthregister.com is a website founded by Angela Shelley with a database that helps German born adoptees to establish contact with natural mothers and siblings. Angela lives and works in Southern Germany and establishes contact between German born adoptees and their German natural mothers.

This German Birth Register database is in German and English. It promotes direct and discreet searches, and uses data which was recorded when a child was born.

The database can be searched by anyone using an initial or a birth year. An email can be sent to confirm a match and in the event of a match the “contact person” is notified.

This is a free database.

Angela Shelley has searched for, located and contacted many German natural mothers in the United States, and Germany, establishing contact between them and their German born children now living in the United States and Canada. I can’t imagine the fluency of the English and German language that would be required. I would think that they would have to be one of the highest degree.

This website has simplified the search process for searching natural mothers and children.

Angela Shelley’s contact information is as follows:

Angela Shelley
Postfach 112
82402 Seeshaupt


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  1. looking4beverly says:

    Looking for “Beverly Jean or Jene Anderson” born in 1955 in Darmstadt, GErmany and adopted to George & Marie “Marion” (Cogdell) Anderson who lived in Weisbaden, Germany. If you could be this person, please contact me for further information at b7winged@gmail.com.

  2. revolution2014 says:

    I just found out that I was adopted a few days ago. I was born in Baumholder, on the Air Force base on August 21,1957 to a French woman named Jenna Levy. My birth name that was given to me was Darlene Helena Levy. Jenna was 36 years old at the time and unwed. Jenna Levy gave up her daughter to American parents named Abraham and Norma Sheingold, who changed the name of this baby girl to Deborah Susan. Abe Sheingold was the Jewish Chaplin at the Air Force base in Chateauroux France, and Norma was an Opera singer.

    Does anyone know if Jenna Levy is still alive? She would be 92 years old in 2014. Do I have any siblings related to me that are still alive. Please contact me by email-deborah@kentdills.com

  3. for beginners…

    Germany Born Adoptees Searching – Adoption Search…

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