Jean Strauss Adoption Films – Part 3

May 9th, 2006

The third film was the only one of the three films that I had not previously seen. I enjoy her movies so much that I want to see them over and over. Each time I see them, I thoroughly appreciate enjoy seeing them. Film 3 was the newest of her adoption movies and deals with siblings relationships. Jean grew up with one other sibling in her adoptive family, a brother that her family had also adopted. When they were younger, they were quite close. Due to various circumstances including his mental illness, their relationship has suffered. Sibling relationships in adoptions are becoming the topic of discussion these days. Jean was specifically asked to address this issue in a film. When Jean reunited with her birth… [more]

Sibling Reunion

March 10th, 2006
Categories: Search, Siblings

Unfortunately for my sister, she learned about my existence through my birth mothers brothers after my birth mother had passed away. I would like to think that my birth mother struggled to find the right time or the best time to tell her that she had a half sister. That time never came! She more than likely figured that the odds of us accidentally meeting one another were far fetched. I do believe she just wanted to take her secret to the grave. My birth father was more than likely not part of the decision making process to place me for adoption. I am not even to sure if my birth mother really knew who my birth father is. After being in reunion… [more]

My Birth Sister

February 16th, 2006

I was 11 when I found out I was adopted. It was at my grandma’s funeral that I over heard two folks talking that I learned that I was adopted. Because we did what most families do after a death I choose not to say a word to anyone that I had heard this information of myself being adopted! We cried, we talked over memories, and then we started to go through my grandma’s things. It was several weeks later before I mustered up the courage to ask my adoptive parents if what I had heard was true. I was satisfied for the time being with their answer and we went on with our day. As I struggled through my teen age years, I knew at… [more]