’s Reunion Registry Hits 400,000!

December 23rd, 2010

400,'s Search and Reunion Registry has hit 400,000 individual profiles! Across the United States, profiles of those looking for long-lost family members are consistently created, making the Registry the #1 online adoption reunion registry available today. With the ever-growing number of profiles, finding a family member is and will be a reality for many. Currently, an estimated 53.5% of the Registry users are adoptees searching for a birth parent or a birth sibling.'s next highest statistical grouping is birth mothers, at 23.3% of the online profiles. The rest consist of birth siblings, birth fathers, adoptive family members, and search angels-those who aide in reuniting and reconnecting searchers. reaches out and supports all those searching for family members… [more]

Questions to Ask Your Paid Adoption Searcher

October 27th, 2009

47379_mobile_phone_searching___Reuniting with your family members can be a difficult and arduous journey. For some, the search is simple, quick, and easy. For others, it is a process-a long process, at that. Whether hiring a private detective is the first option on your list or the last option, here are some common questions to inquire about before settling on one private detective over another. What resources will be used? Find out what methods he or she regularly employs to get the job done. Are you comfortable with all the methods or resources that may be used? Your private investigator should be able to talk in depth about each resource. Not only should you be comfortable with it, he or she should also be confident… [more]

How to Use Reunion Registries

May 30th, 2007
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Adoption reunion registries can sometimes match people quickly. However, most registries are mutual consent registries and only work when both parties sign up. Many people are not aware of these registries which cuts down on the probability that they will result in a match. However, with the popularity of the Internet, I believe that more people find their way to registries every day.'s registry currently has over 300,000 people registered. Below are some points to regarding the use of an adoption registry: 1. Many people who use adoption registries cannot completely fill out forms required to sign up because they may not know the information. People who manage the registries understand that this is the case. Don't worry if… [more]

Focus on Korea – Blogger on Her Two Mothers

April 16th, 2007
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My Two Mothers is the title of a post written by a new blogger that I just discovered. Like Mo, Korean blogger at, she is an adoptee and an adoptive parent as well. Her post "My Two Mothers" is chock full of her insights and observations. The most profound part of this post is this statement: "If you cannot see my mother in me, then you are not truly seeing me." In this post, she talks about traditionally birth mothers are so overlooked and ignored. Although some might dispute that now as there are many loud birth mother voices constantly being heard, she is right. Traditionally birth mothers have been dismissed and shuttered away as though they did not… [more]

Questions from Blogging Birth Dad

April 13th, 2007

In this post, I introduced you to a new blogging birth dad. I mentioned that in his second post that he asked some questions that I decided to answer via a post. As he is in a new reunion, like most of us who have traveled his path, he probably has many questions. "Since the reunion started the thoughts of it can be very obsessive – does the obsession every slow down?" For most of us, the obsessive part of reunion does eventually calm down. During that period when we are so thoroughly fixated on our child or birth parent, it is rather disconcerting. Many people wander if it is normal to be that absorbed with our newly found child or birth… [more]

More Birth Fathers Joining the Blogging World!

April 11th, 2007

We know they’re out there. Biological reality. But birthfathers are the most silent members of the adoption constellation. - The network of blogging triad members just keeps growing by leaps and bounds. Dads are beginning to join in the fun too, and I think that is a terrific development. I will credit Judy, aka Nate's Mom for mentioning this new birth dad blog which he calls Rambling B-Dad. This dad is brand new to blogging with his first post on April 6, 2007. He is in reunion with his son. From time to time, I have had conversations with other birth dads about how scant the in-put from birth dads seems to be. However, I am expecting that more birth dads… [more]

Thoughts on Chicken Soup for the Adopted Soul

March 29th, 2007

Did you see an email message recently that said the Chicken Soup for the Soul publishers were planning a new book, Chicken Soup for the Adopted Soul? The announcement touted the fact that the book would be edited by LeAnne Theiman, an adoptive mom. Thieman is also co-author of Chicken Soup for the Nurse’s Soul, Chicken Soup for the Christian Woman’s Soul, Chicken Soup for the Caregiver’s Soul, Chicken Soup for the Father and Daughter Soul, Chicken Soup for the Grandma’s Soul, Chicken Soup for the Christian Soul 2 and Chicken Soup for the Mother and Son Soul! And she has a website to promote her inspirational keynotes speaking and seminars offerings: I have an adoptive mom that I adore and I am a… [more]

Understanding What Happened Part 1

March 28th, 2007
Categories: Support

Do you think it would help if all triad members try to gain a more global perspective about what happened to each of the members involved in adoption. Especially since most triad members carry shame, guilt, fear, and a tremendous sense of loss. Some adoptees may have a belief that there must have been something inherently wrong with us. It is about being the “bad baby” and blaming the natural mother. This is how some try to understand what happened to us and why we feel the way we do. Is there a lack of understanding in society? How about the therapists? Do most of them work with the adoptee’s false self instead of really understanding that there… [more]

Adoption 2007: Making Dreams Come True

March 23rd, 2007
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The 18th annual statewide conference titled Adoption 2007: Making Dreams Come True will be held May 10-12, 2007 at the Marriott Hotel in Albany, New York. They have planned an exciting lineup of nationally known speakers and workshops that will provide up to date information on the most important issues in adoption today. You can learn more about the conference by visiting the website The conference brochure is available in a PDF file format, there is a description of the workshops available, and you can register on line at this site. Registration is required by April 20th for the lowest fees and to receive the conference room rate you must book your reservations at the Marriott by April 20th… [more]

The Stork Market

March 22nd, 2007

The Stork Market by Mirah Ruben is an in depth examination of the corruption in the adoption industry: the fine line between black and gray market adoptions; scams; coercion and explanation in a market based on supply and demand with prices based on quality such as age and skin color of the merchandise and set as high as desperate consumers are willing to pay. The Stork Market has been extensively researched, documented and including interviews with the top adoption experts. The Stork Market asks if adoption can be fixed where the money aspect is removed and government controls and regulations put in place or abolished in favor of permanent guardianship or informal adoption that does not involve the issuance of an amended birth… [more]