Writing A Letter

July 10th, 2006

Some question whether or not they should write a letter to make first contact. A letter is less threatening to people. It gives them time to think about their response and to work through their feelings. It allows the person who has been located to take the time they need to make a decision regarding contact and to think about reconnecting with natural family members. It may make a difference between limited contact and no contact at all. Another positive is that writing a letter gives the person found some control over what happens when. Some feel that a letter is less intrusive than a phone call. There are additional pro’s to writing a letter such it give the writer the opportunity to… [more]

Making Contact Part 2

June 16th, 2006

The second option of first contact is via letter. The issue I see with writing a letter is there is an agonizing wait for a reply. There is no instant gratification but if you choose this option you should keep the following in mind: 1) Send the letter certified and registered, return receipt requested, requiring only the signature and ID of the person you intend the letter to be for. You should make sure it says “Forwarding Address Requested” so you can find out where they moved if they have moved within the past year. By sending the letter this way, you are protecting the person’s privacy and it also gives you an idea of when they received the letter. On the flip… [more]

First Contact – Part 1 – Via Letter

March 12th, 2006

Deciding which method to use for your first contact can sometimes be an exasperating task. If you ask several people their opinions, each one may give you a different reply. The reason that is the case is simply this. There is no one “right” way to initiate your first contact. There are several different takes on this issue. The first method that I will discuss for initial contact is via a letter. Many people are big proponents of advising others that the initial contact should always be via written correspondence. They advise this means for contact for a variety of reasons. Receiving a letter might be perceived as less of a shock than via the telephone or in person. Getting to know… [more]