The Rest of Your Family at Reunion

July 26th, 2006

Reunion is often a consuming experience for triad members. Often we have been separated from our child or birth mother for 20+ years or more, so, it is entirely understandable that reunion is a profound experience for us. Our friends and families may comment that we seem totally absorbed with this new person in our life. We may talk about our new found birth family member non-stop. If the person that we are reunited with doesn't call or email often enough, we may seem to overreact. Every word that other person utters may be analyzed for hidden meanings. In short, we may seem obsessed with this new person in our lives. I think that there are several points to remember in this regard. First, it… [more]

Relationships with Adoptive Family After Reunion

May 23rd, 2006

For me searching and finding my natural family brought me a fresh perspective about my adoptive family. For most of my life I felt as if I didn’t really fit in or that I was never part of a “real” family like everyone else. After meeting my natural family, I realize that most people don’t belong to a “real” family whether they are adopted or not. Every family has its own wishes and fantasies to come true. I learned that there are people who make up families and that my adoptive family is the ones that fate gave me. It would be no different if they had been my natural family. Some of my most intense moments that I have shared with… [more]

Family – Part 1

May 3rd, 2006

Reunion with my son has radically changed my views on family, and how important it is. When I relinquished my son so many years ago, I did not understand how significant blood ties really are. I was not a teen when he was born; I turned 22 years old the day after he was born. Nevertheless, I did not comprehend how deeply and how long-lasting the effects of losing my son would be. In effect, it took reunion to awaken me to what relinquishing a child to adoption really means. Except for a brief time shortly after this birth, I had not allowed myself to feel his loss until he was back in my life. Then, I knew suddenly and brutally knew much how much he… [more]