State Run Intermediary Programs

July 30th, 2006

State run intermediary programs seem to vary greatly from state to state. Some allow only adopted persons to search, and others allow other birth family members to search as well. These programs are generally administered by different governmental agencies or courts. Some adoption agencies have intermediaries. The training that intermediaries receive varies from state to state. To determine if the state that you want to search in has a confidential intermediary program, click here. This site can help in this regard. I am also listing the links to several state run intermediary programs to demonstrate how varied they are. Checking out these links will clearly show you how much the policies regarding intermediaries do vary in each state… [more]

Using an Intermediary – Two Stories

February 13th, 2006

Karen, my blogging buddy, has already mentioned that one of the available options to search in some states is the possibility of using a “Confidential Intermediary.” (CI). I will share a bit more about that option and also share two personal stories with very different outcomes in which confidential intermediaries were used. I will also discuss briefly the pros and cons of using confidential intermediaries from my perspective. The link below provides a map of the U.S. You can click on your state and determine if a state allows confidential intermediaries and also: 1. Access to Adoption Records 2. County Courthouses 3. Public Records 4. Support Groups Story 1 is… [more]

Independent Search Consultants (isc’s)

February 11th, 2006

An often pricey, but very attractive option is the use of an Independent Search Consultant (ISC). ISC's are certified through extensive testing procedures. They are, in general, the best searchers money can buy. ISC's are usually fast, and often you will pay no money upfront, or only a deposit, until the person(s) you are looking for is found. If you have a name, or other pertinent information, your cost may be less. There are some independent searchers who are NOT ISC’s, who are perfectly capable searchers. I recommend that you try to use an ISC when possible, but if you do use another professional searcher who is not credentialed, obtain references, and in addition try to find individuals who have used the searcher, outside of the list… [more]


February 10th, 2006

At some point in your search, you will be considering your options regarding hiring a searcher. In many states a confidential intermediary (CI) systems are in place, and a CI will be recommended to you by your agency or by the courts, In this series of blogs I will try and explain the options.. In the end, the decision that you make will be the result of many different factors that only you know and only you can weigh appropriately with your situation and your search. Intermediaries are individuals with access to your file, either through court approval, or because they work for an adoption agency, who use that information to find the individual(s) you are searching for. When the individual is found the intermediary will ask that… [more]