The Learning Curve

October 10th, 2013

NEW CURVES AHEAD SIGNHaving completed registration here and nationally, I began 'The Learning Curve Era'. Consuming information in great gulps helped speed the time a bit, yet just as a curved road requires slower, more careful driving, so does this time of learning. I don't have much to offer readers in regard to time condensation here. Try to enjoy the view as you go, committing as much as possible to memory and note-taking...and remember, if not navigated rightly, you could miss a turn or even go over a cliff. The Learning Curve Era has only one real requirement...that we learn! One piece of advice I found but did not follow was to 'clear the slate'. Placing current projects on the shelf is not… [more]

Non Identifying Information

August 23rd, 2006

In nearly all States, adoption records are sealed and withheld from public inspection after the adoption is finalized. Most States have instituted procedures by which parties to an adoption may obtain non identifying and identifying information from an adoption record while still protecting the interests of all parties. Non identifying information is generally limited to descriptive details about an adopted person and the adopted person’s birth relatives and is provided to the adopting parents at the time of the adoption. Non identifying information may include the following: Date and place of the adopted person’s birth Age of the birth parents and general physical description, such as eye and hair color Race, ethnicity, religion, and medical history of the birth parents Educational level of the birth parents and… [more]

What is Non ID?

April 20th, 2006

Non-identifying information is information that may be obtained in most states from the agency or county that handled the adoption. Most agencies and counties require the request be made in writing. The information that may be provided will vary from agency to agency, court to court, and from state to state. Non identifying information that is usually provided is: Information in regards to Natural Parents: Age of the natural parents at the time or birth or surrender Place of Birth Physical description of natural parents Religion Education Hobbies Family history and some information on the natural parents family Reason for surrender Information in regards to the adopters: Ages of parents Place of birth Physical Description of parents Length of marriage Religion Education Hobbies Composition of family-if there are other children Reason for adoption The information in the adoption file that pertains to the… [more]