The Learning Curve

October 10th, 2013

NEW CURVES AHEAD SIGNHaving completed registration here and nationally, I began 'The Learning Curve Era'. Consuming information in great gulps helped speed the time a bit, yet just as a curved road requires slower, more careful driving, so does this time of learning. I don't have much to offer readers in regard to time condensation here. Try to enjoy the view as you go, committing as much as possible to memory and note-taking...and remember, if not navigated rightly, you could miss a turn or even go over a cliff. The Learning Curve Era has only one real requirement...that we learn! One piece of advice I found but did not follow was to 'clear the slate'. Placing current projects on the shelf is not… [more]

Reunited With My Birth Son After 27 Years

January 30th, 2013

ReunitedI have been searching for my son since I was 18 years old. I gave him up for Adoption when he was just shy of a year, because I was not capable at the time of taking care of him. I wanted Joey to have a chance at life, an education and parents that would LOVE him and provide for him 100% and give him everything I could not.  I found Joey on Myspace, back in 2011. I reached out to him without any response back. I then wrote to his address in which he lived growing up and still no response after sending 3 letters. I looked on Facebook many many times, and could not find him, until November of 2012… [more]

Reconnection Is Possible!

June 12th, 2012

1350860_hand-in-hand No matter where you are in the search and reunion process, it can be difficult to keep your head up and your thoughts positive. The reunion search can be a tiring journey, physically, emotionally, and mentally. And even though you may feel alone right now, you're not. There are many people out there searching, too. For some it can take just a few hours to find success. For others it takes years, even decades, to find that one person. Because reading success stories from others just like you can help you by giving your hope, motivation, and determination, here are just a few of the many reunion success stories. "I was informed at about 12pm one day that I had a brother that… [more]’s Reunion Registry Hits 400,000!

December 23rd, 2010

400,'s Search and Reunion Registry has hit 400,000 individual profiles! Across the United States, profiles of those looking for long-lost family members are consistently created, making the Registry the #1 online adoption reunion registry available today. With the ever-growing number of profiles, finding a family member is and will be a reality for many. Currently, an estimated 53.5% of the Registry users are adoptees searching for a birth parent or a birth sibling.'s next highest statistical grouping is birth mothers, at 23.3% of the online profiles. The rest consist of birth siblings, birth fathers, adoptive family members, and search angels-those who aide in reuniting and reconnecting searchers. reaches out and supports all those searching for family members… [more]

Questions to Ask Your Paid Adoption Searcher

October 27th, 2009

47379_mobile_phone_searching___Reuniting with your family members can be a difficult and arduous journey. For some, the search is simple, quick, and easy. For others, it is a process-a long process, at that. Whether hiring a private detective is the first option on your list or the last option, here are some common questions to inquire about before settling on one private detective over another. What resources will be used? Find out what methods he or she regularly employs to get the job done. Are you comfortable with all the methods or resources that may be used? Your private investigator should be able to talk in depth about each resource. Not only should you be comfortable with it, he or she should also be confident… [more]

Understanding DNA

April 10th, 2007

The two part blog series I wrote in February talks about the different types of DNA tests that can be utilized in your adoption search. Before you turn to DNA testing to help uncover your natural ancestry you first should probably learn some basics. Each individual’s physical traits and characteristics are determined from our genes and our chromosomes hold our genetic material and carry genetic information in long strands of DNA called genes. DNA acts as a blue print for creating a human being. Each pair of chromosomes are made up of one chromosome that is inherited from the father and one from the mother. So, in adoption when you wonder why your eyes are a certain color or your hair… [more]

Adoption Search Angels

April 10th, 2007

Angels are one of my favorite things. I love them for their beauty, and for what they are--guardians. Angels are loving, kind, and show selflessness in their acts. The angels with in the adoption community are referred to as Adoption Search Angels. An adoption search angel volunteers his or her time to help triad members seek answers in their adoption search. These search angels can help a natural parent locate and old yearbook so that he or she can see the child she placed for adoption. Some search angels will explore registries to help triad members find answers. The bottom line is that a search angel is a person just like you or me. They often times have completed their… [more]

Reunion Expectations Part 1

March 21st, 2007

Triad members are often amazed at the similarities that they share between them or the opposite can happen where they are very different with little common ground. The adoptee may physically resemble the natural parent. This can be something that is very important to the adoptee. Often times this is the first family connection that they meet that has a physical resemblance. All involved in reunion bring with them their own personal fantasies about the other person and expectations. The reunion can go better than expected or leave much to be desired. Either way, what is important is that the reality replaces the fantasy so that the fantasy doesn’t create obstacles. The expectations for the triad members in reunion may… [more]

Falsified Adoption Records

March 4th, 2007

Although it is true that all states amend birth certificates and contain some false information, some states do more than change the names of the parents. This site lists the ways that certain states falsify adoption records. It should be noted that this practice is not common. You might be surprised to find that this list contains seventeen states that change certain items on birth certificates. According to this list, in Florida they still change the actual place of birth, for instance. The place of birth is sometimes changed to reflect the county where the adopted parents live. Florida is one of the states well known to be extremely difficult for adoption searches. I do know people who have searched in the state… [more]

Adopted Children Want More Info

February 28th, 2007

This article from the UK surveyed 208 adopted people, aged from six to 22 and found that they want more information about their adoptions. Adopted children want more information about their birth family and why they were adopted, according to a report. This study also discusses how adoption agencies in the UK are not meeting government standards. It says that one out of every two agencies are failing in some respects. Their research cites high turnover rates among employees and inadequate training or recruitment of trained and experienced staff members. There are concerns that these problems affect the quality of the services that children who are being adopted are receiving. Sounds as though the British have their share of problems… [more]