Reconnection Is Possible!

June 12th, 2012

1350860_hand-in-hand No matter where you are in the search and reunion process, it can be difficult to keep your head up and your thoughts positive. The reunion search can be a tiring journey, physically, emotionally, and mentally. And even though you may feel alone right now, you're not. There are many people out there searching, too. For some it can take just a few hours to find success. For others it takes years, even decades, to find that one person. Because reading success stories from others just like you can help you by giving your hope, motivation, and determination, here are just a few of the many reunion success stories. "I was informed at about 12pm one day that I had a brother that… [more]

Why Birth Parents Search

March 3rd, 2006

From my experience in the adoption community the number of adoptees searching for their birth parents has always been high. However, there are birth parents searching for the child they relinquished to adoption many years earlier. It is true that a birth mother searching is more difficult however new legislation in some states permits more access to birth information and new technology has the potential to make the search process easier for birth parents. I hope by writing this blog that I will be able to provide you – the birth parents – with some guidance in the search process and information access as well as resources for further help in succeeding in your search. As I mentioned before adult adoptees are… [more]

Why Birth Parents Search

February 12th, 2006
Categories: Reasons to Search

Birth parents are often compelled to search for their children for a variety of reasons. Our reasons may be better understood by non-triad members than those of adoptees. Although many people seem uninformed about the motivations of either birth parents or adoptees who search. I believe that as members of the triad, it is our job to educate others about some of these complex issues. For most birth parents that I know, it is quite simple. Some of the lingering questions that plague many birth parents from closed adoptions are: 1. Do our children know that we love them? 2. Are they are alive, safe and happy? 3. Do our children believe that we did not want them? 4. Are they aware… [more]