Of Pit Stops and Lessons Learned

October 21st, 2013

NEW STOP SIGNNo one likes pit stops. They slow us down in the race; make us feel like we’re losing ground. Stopping was never part of my agenda. But pit stops are necessary. They give us gas to keep going, maintenance to get there in one piece and often, errors in judgment are revealed so they can be corrected. These are the things that contribute to that ultimate victory. And such it is in life. Finding my non-identifying information turned out to be a three-part process that included two wild-goose chases. But each chase brought me closer to my treasure and in the process; I shed some emotional baggage while also gaining greater trust in the goodness of people. I had read… [more]

How People Treat Adoptee Searchers

January 28th, 2007

Ever spoken to an adoptee who is searching? You might be surprised at how some people treat them. Although some social workers or clerks are very sympathetic and helpful, many people who have access to adoption records are are not known for being particularly kind. Some of the remarks that I have heard that adoptees receive are extremely sad. Several adoptees have told me that when they went to the adoption agency that handled their adoption they were told to come back later - when they were older. A few adoptees have told me that they went back several times before the agency would give them any information at all. Only recently, a young adoptee named Sarah told me that the agency that handled… [more]