Healing the Primal Wound – Conclusions

April 12th, 2007

My recent blog on The Primal Wound received enough comments that I think it is worth wrapping up the issue with some conclusions and final thoughts. So many years after the Primal Wound was written, it is still a controversial theory. However, it has been accepted by many adoptees and researchers. I applaud the book for the benefits it has provided to those who embrace the theory and feel that it explains their lives in a way nothing else has been able to do. Several adoptees commented that it had great relevance for them, and I think that is extremely important. Finally feeling understood is a significant gift for those who have felt a lack of not only being understood by… [more]

Healing the Primal Wound in Adoption

March 25th, 2007

Whether there is really a "primal wound" that occurs after a baby is separated from its mother at birth is a popular topic for discussion in adoption circles. The theory of a primal wound is not reserved exclusively for babies who are adopted. This theory also includes children who are separated at birth from their mothers due to serious medical issues and/or prematurity. However, the premise of the primal wound was conceived by adoptive mom and therapist Nancy Verrier due to the experiences she noticed raising her two daughters. One daughter was her biological child, and the other was adopted. Raising her daughters, she noticed a difference in the way her adopted daughter responded to her, and ultimately related it to a primal… [more]