’s Reunion Registry Hits 400,000!

December 23rd, 2010

400,'s Search and Reunion Registry has hit 400,000 individual profiles! Across the United States, profiles of those looking for long-lost family members are consistently created, making the Registry the #1 online adoption reunion registry available today. With the ever-growing number of profiles, finding a family member is and will be a reality for many. Currently, an estimated 53.5% of the Registry users are adoptees searching for a birth parent or a birth sibling.'s next highest statistical grouping is birth mothers, at 23.3% of the online profiles. The rest consist of birth siblings, birth fathers, adoptive family members, and search angels-those who aide in reuniting and reconnecting searchers. reaches out and supports all those searching for family members… [more]

Questions from Blogging Birth Dad

April 13th, 2007

In this post, I introduced you to a new blogging birth dad. I mentioned that in his second post that he asked some questions that I decided to answer via a post. As he is in a new reunion, like most of us who have traveled his path, he probably has many questions. "Since the reunion started the thoughts of it can be very obsessive – does the obsession every slow down?" For most of us, the obsessive part of reunion does eventually calm down. During that period when we are so thoroughly fixated on our child or birth parent, it is rather disconcerting. Many people wander if it is normal to be that absorbed with our newly found child or birth… [more]

More Birth Fathers Joining the Blogging World!

April 11th, 2007

We know they’re out there. Biological reality. But birthfathers are the most silent members of the adoption constellation. - The network of blogging triad members just keeps growing by leaps and bounds. Dads are beginning to join in the fun too, and I think that is a terrific development. I will credit Judy, aka Nate's Mom for mentioning this new birth dad blog which he calls Rambling B-Dad. This dad is brand new to blogging with his first post on April 6, 2007. He is in reunion with his son. From time to time, I have had conversations with other birth dads about how scant the in-put from birth dads seems to be. However, I am expecting that more birth dads… [more]

Teen Sueing to Know Fathers ID

August 17th, 2006

No matter which side of the argument you might be on - no matter how you feel about the rights of children to know who their natural parents are - this case will be of interest to many of us in the adoption community. According to an article in the April 26, 2006 edition of Detroit News a 17-year boy is suing to know who his birth-father is. You can read the article in it’s entirety at The law suit was filed in Macomb County Circuit Court to force the natural mother to reveal the identity of his biological father to the 17 year old. Apparently, two years ago the 17 year old learned that the man who helped… [more]

Random Thoughts on Dads – Happy Father’s Day!

June 18th, 2006
Categories: Birth Fathers

This picture is my favorite photo of my dad and me. If it was clearer, you would be able to see the pride shining in my dad's eyes as he gazed at me. This photo qualifies as an antique though! I look pretty scruffy, but, I was what used to be called a "tomboy" and likely had taken a break from tree climbing just long enough to let my mom snap this photo. Around Fathers’ Day, I think it is natural to think about not only our own fathers, but also, other fathers that we know. Being so involved with adoption, I think of adoptive dads who step up to the plate to raise children who need a dad. Many of you… [more]

Fewer Natural Fathers Searching

May 25th, 2006

Few natural fathers search and find. Those that have found often times find that their child is secure, mature and happy. That is some of the things that they would have wanted for their child. Some natural fathers feel that the adoptive parents did much better than what they or the natural mother cold have done considering the stages of life they were in at the time of their child’s birth. Many natural fathers were faced with the question of financial stability and the potential as a couple faced with an unexpected pregnancy, little money and unsure of their ability to love. Natural fathers also struggled with relinquishment. Entering into a relationship being upfront is best and there are some men… [more]

Birth Father Rights

April 3rd, 2006

Earlier this month the NY times posted an article discussing the controversy regarding registries for men to declare their interest in parenting, thereby thwarting placement for adoption by the child’s mother without his knowledge or consent. There are some folks who are arguing it is unreasonable to expect men to “follow their sperm”. During a discussion with a peer of mine I learned of an article that was published by the Rochester Democrate and Chronicle on February 11, 1991. The article was written by Peggy and David Soule and is titled "It Takes More Than Sex to be a Dad." It is my understanding that Peggy and David have both been longtime adoption activists. The article questions if a man who impregnates a… [more]

Birth Fathers

March 20th, 2006

Over the weekend I saw an article that was printed in the NY Times. The article talks about a birth father who learned of his former fiancée's pregnancy three weeks before the baby was due. He learned of this when the adoption agency called and asked if he would consent to have this baby adopted. He son is now 18 months old and he has never seen him. Instead, he lost his parental rights because he failed to register with a state registry for unwed fathers. He didn’t know of this registry until after it was too late. This case took place in FL but there are other states as well that have registries that an unmarried father has no right to withhold… [more]

My Birth Father

February 21st, 2006
Categories: Birth Fathers

Not to much has been said here about birth fathers. I believe my blogging buddy touched on it yesterday and thought I would share a little with you about my birth father. For me my birth father is someone that I will probably never know. I have tried to find him but with the lack of information and knowledge it makes it very difficult. My sister and I have talked with everyone that we possibly could think of and no one seems to know. I have had some solid leads but none of them ever panned out. The first lead we had was when my sister talked with her dad about my existence. When he met me for the first time… [more]

Judging Birth Dads

February 20th, 2006
Categories: Birth Fathers

Until my reunion, not only had I had never met another birth mother, but as far as I know, I had not met a birth father. Since there is a stigma to relinquishing a child to adoption, some birth parents rarely, if ever, acknowledge that they may have relinquished a child to adoption. Therefore, it is hard to know how many birth parents one might meet in a lifetime. When adoptees search, they generally look for their birth mothers first. However, many are interested eventually in knowing about their birth fathers as well. Sometimes birth mothers may be reluctant to provide information about the birth father to their child. In some cases, they may discourage contacting the birth father. A… [more]